Forged In Fire: Stories of Wartime Japan, is the true story of a young girl’s childhood in pre-war Tokyo; her schoolgirl dreams; the violence, starvation and desperation of war that drove her family out of the city; and the American Occupation that shaped Japan’s future.

It is the story of my mother, Rita Tomoko Montibon, who was ten years old when World War II began and fourteen years old when it ended. For those interested in Japan's impression of United States General Douglas MacArthur and Japan's Emperor Hirohito as well as the experience and aftermath of sustained bombing, this story should not be missed. Filled with personal photographs, illustrations and contemporary references, this book provides a rare and refreshing look at World War II history as well as Japanese culture.

What readers are saying about Forged In Fire: Stories of Wartime Japan:

“Magical, heartbreaking and full of hope.”

“Great remembrance.  Authentic.”

“Each chapter is such a treasure.  It gives me chills to think these stories would have been lost without you.”

“Forged in Fire is a quick read -- a love poem from a daughter to a mother.  I read it slowly because I didn’t want it to end....”

“This was an absolute wonderful read.  Entertaining, emotional, and quite the learning experience.”

“I was very curious, always, about Japan.  I’m so glad I got very deep inside it, by someone who has experienced it firsthand.  Beautiful.”

“Thank you for the insight of life during the war from a different perspective.  I am extremely grateful to have read such an inspiring story.”

“... it is one of the most captivating stories I have read.  It is filled with so much detail that I even became emotional at times.”

“It’s like one of the books that I can read over more than once.  It’s simply amazing.”

“If I could urge even just one of you to go read this book then I’d be one happy lady today.”

“Completely unlike the endless military & political accounts of this conflict, this is a very personal and intimate story...”

“What a blessing it has been in my life to read this!!!!”

“So elegantly written, you are in my top five Wattpad writers!”

Co-authored with Rita Tomoko Montibon, Forged In Fire: Stories of Wartime Japan, is now available for iBooks (iTunes), Kindle (Amazon), Kobo (Rakuten), NOOK (Barnes & Noble), and other e-pub readers (Smashwords).  Also available at various international e-book retailers.

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